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Scope of Materials and Services

Our goal is to build top quality houses with sustainable materials. We hope that more people will choose construction made of timber that will stand for a few generations, will be functional and eco friendly for the nature. We carefully choose materials together with the client according to the location, living habits and taste.

Below we shortly explain what is included in our scope of materials and services. For more details please contact us.


Clients arrange with local contractors and we always support with the technical information. We do NOT do foundation.

Wooden Structure

We offer three construction types: log houses, panel houses and CLT (cross laminated houses).


Possible to choose between glass wool, rock wool or wood fiber insulation. Thickness is calculated according U or R values required by local building regulations.


We are quite flexible and can offer wide range of top quality windows: double or triple glass; wooden, aluminium or PVC; opening outside, inside or sliding.


We work mainly in Europe and all materials for a wooden house are shipped by a truck. Our team arrives before the truck and help with unloading.


We send an installation team to the building site who will take care of the installation works. We do not sell a kit.


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