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Simple steps to build a wooden house

Process how we work

It might look not so easy as described bellow but for sure we are ready to simplify and help with your next wooden house project. Our team has got a lot of experience in many projects: building single house for a family, participating in development projects. Our services include not only a wooden house production, but also design, engineering, providing professional budget estimates and delivering a quality house.

timber homes in the netherlands

Step 1: 3D design

Some clients are in the early stage where they want to get an idea of their future wooden house and price for it. The easiest way is to make a simple model. Our team can make a custom 3D model in sketchup according to clientś requirements with implementation on the land and materials description. Price for a 3D model vary from 4 to 6 euro/m2, depending on a house complexity and changes.

Step 2: Budget estimate

To prepare a budget estimate we ask to provide drawings with sufficient technical information, dimensions, thermal requirements, materials specification. Only when we discuss and have all details we can provide a price for your wooden house without any cost increase in future steps.

Step 3: Building permit

We can help with a building permit procedure if you plan to build in the Netherlands, as it is our native country with strong team of engineers and architects who can help. If you are planing to build a wooden house in other country you will have to arrange documents with local bureaus. In many cases our clients do it and we always help to go this process together (provide static calculations, describe construction types, fill the forms, etc.).

Wooden House quality matters to us…

Step 4: Production

Once the building permit documents are approved we start ordering materials for a wooden house production. Usually it takes approximately 4-8 weeks to produce and prepare everything for the delivery. We send photos and videos from the factory and if you want to come and visit us – you are welcome!

Step 5: Delivery

Materials for your wooden house are carefully packed and loaded into the trucks. We arrange materials delivery from the factory straight to your building site. As an example, for one 140m2 house we will need three trucks for the materials delivery.

Step 5: Assembly

We always send a team of three – four men to assemble your wooden house. We do not sell just a kit, because every house is custom made and requires special attention to every detail.