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Log houses – solid construction for a few generations

Log houses used to be a very traditional and old fashioned way to build a house. Nowadays this construction type becoming more common and perfectly meets with new building regulations and modern architecture with wood. We have built many log houses in the Netherlands, France, Denmark and will be happy to share our experience.

Advantages of a log houses

Healthy living – log houses can absorb moisture and release it back into the air as the room dries. This balances the indoor air humidity to a level between 30 – 50 %. Also log houses are know as a perfect indoor living for people with asthma and allergies.

Organic and sustainable materials – all the walls are built from wood , which is renewable material.(logs thickness start at 80 mm and can be up to 240mm). Further more we try to combine other eco friendly materials in our construction, for example to insulate the house we use wood fiber insulation by Steico.

Modern and contemporary design

Many people think of a log house as old fashioned house that looks like a sauna. We can prove that a log house can be a modern place to live and can perfectly fit with the suburbs of big cities.

Let’s talk about the exterior finishing. Mainly we build permanent living houses and such houses have to be well insulated. For this reason logs are insulated from the outside and covered with wooden cladding boards. So from outside you can not see any log elements.

Once you enter inside the house logs will be visible. You will see logs patern, but still you have freedom to add colour: add transparent white wash color, or just paint even in green! Some partition walls which are not load bearing walls – clients decide to build from plasterboard, witch flush and clean look.

Creating a contemporary style in a log house depends on other finishing materials – combining wood with stone, concrete or stucco. For example for the flooring can be chosen stone tiles, for the ceiling – plasterboard painted in white.

In conclusion, where as you want modern or traditional house – everything is possible with logs construction. The main advantage why we love so much to build from logs – it is healthy and sustainable construction which will last for a few generation.